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Don’t let your children feel overwhelmed when they start kindergarten. Set them up for success by enrolling them in targeted early childhood education in Virginia Beach, VA, at All Day Daycare & Learning Center.

Daily Lesson Structure

In our comprehensive learning environment here at All Day Daycare & Learning Center, a Beka Curriculum and the business owner's curriculum are used for teaching preschool, 2/3-year-olds, and 4/5-year-olds. Other learning tools include the use of ABCmouse.com accounts; children can utilize this tool and learn while having fun. We also use a curriculum created by the owner of All Day Daycare & Learning Center which includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of teaching counting 0-100, alphabets and phonics, number and letter recognition, name recognition and writing, shapes and colors identification and recognition, days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons. Children learn in different ways, so we employ a teaching method that allows them to utilize a sense of touch, sight, and hands-on interaction. Children are well stimulated in our comprehensive learning environment here at All Day Daycare & Learning Center and therefore thrive. Parents and family members are often pleasantly surprised and thrilled at the educational progress and maturity that the children attending All Day Daycare & Learning Center possess. There are many entertaining activities to keep your child stimulated and engaged throughout the day. For example, upon starting your child's morning, daily devotions are read that keep your child involved in the stories by asking them to do such things as clapping their hands, yawn, rub their tummies, etc., depending upon what the message is being delivered that morning calls for with short prayer afterward. The Lord's prayer is recited each morning along with The Pledge of Allegiance.  Alphabet phonics and numerals 0-100 are practiced daily and, age-appropriate worksheets are available for students.  We are also working on various ways to implement reading at an early age. Our other kid-friendly activities include:

  • Daycare Services in Virginia Beach, VAOpen Dialogue Time: Children build social skills, such as listening and waiting their turn to speak, by being asked questions and given the opportunity to respond on their own.
  • Music Time: Children release their energy in a creative manner by singing along with CDs and dancing.
  • Story Time: Children sit in a circle and listen to interactive stories, participating in the tale at appropriate times.  Also used are books written by Kinesiology Major {Martha Swirzinski} which are developmentalyl based books that offer fum and creative ways for children to move while also providing mind stimulating activities. These books have been implemented into our program to encourage your child to move during story time.  When children move, both their bodies and minds are strengthened. These books use entertaining rhymes and colorful pictures. Indoor and outdoor free play time.
  • Quiet Time: Children are given the opportunity to rest, but they will need to bring their own small mat, small pillow, and blanket.
  • Individualized Care in Virginia Beach, VAMeal & Snack Time: Children refuel their energy with USDA approved, family-provided breakfast and lunch, as well as two daycare-provided snacks that include juice or milk. Parents who prefer to provide their childs lunch themselves we welcome lunch box/ bag lunchs and snacks.
  • Outdoor Walks: As long as the weather permits, children will go for refreshing walks that last from 15 to 30 minutes each day.
  • Additional Outings: Zoo, City/Community Parks, Public Library,  (planning to implement more destinations trips/outings)
  • Children particiate in building a bird feeder craft. A fun and educational craft in nature.
Parent Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on all of our activities by receiving our monthly newsletter. This informational document is sent to all parents who have children enrolled in our program. It includes a calendar with upcoming events and activities, a description of new classroom information, details of what your children are currently learning in our program, and upcoming changes and additions.

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August - October 2018,  What We have Learned:  Rainbow spectrum colors - ROYGBIV (made a rainbow craft), Counting by two's, (2-10), Colors - Pink, Purple, Brown,Black &  White.  All about plants, roots & what plants need to live/grow. (Planted seeds and placed in window as a project).  Daylight/Night time -Sun & Moon light, Review of Planets. Inertia & Force, Money-worth of each coin and $1 bill.  Other Reviews & practice:  Name recognition & writing name, Shapes-Shape Drawing, Reading and Comprehension.   

Learning Place Values - In progress 

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