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Individualized Care in Virginia Beach, VA

Individualized Care in Virginia Beach, VA

Parent Handbook

Provided below is the All Day Daycare & Learning Center, LLC handbook that outlines the policies and procedures under which this licensed daycare operates. The children in our care will have the opportunities to learn in a family-like setting with a mixed age group, where they can feel safe and loved and can begin to build a positive self-image. Your child will receive quality, personal and individualized care in Virginia Beach, VA, in a warm and loving home; and the opportunity to gain practice in language, fine and large motor skills, and self-help skills. Your questions and comments are important so we may achieve the very best experiences for your child. Children will not be denied enrollment because of sex, race, religion, or disability.

Hours of Operation:

Each parent will have their own set hours. In order to provide quality service to you the parent, the child(ren) must be dropped off and picked up according to the hours you specified on your agreement, unless prior arrangements have been made. If your child’s Scheduled time is from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. please observe these times. Even though I am technically open until 5:00 p.m., for other parents, if your agreed upon pick up time is 4:00 p.m. please pick up your child on time. I plan my activities and appointments according to each child’s agreed upon

hours. Please be courteous to my desire to care for my families’ needs also.

Enrollment Procedures:

The following forms are required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and should be completed prior to placement.

1. Registration form signed by parent/guardian, which includes the date of last physical examination.
2. Complete record of immunizations.
3. Signed consent for child to receive medical treatment, medicine, and to go on any trip off the premises.
4. Signed application.

Note: All forms must be updated every year or sooner according to need. Also the registration/processing fees must be paid, prior to admission. A position will not be held if the above requirements are not met.

Trial Period and Termination:

A period of two weeks is given for adjustment. After this time period the parents or the provider may decide to terminate care without prior notice.
* After the trial period, care can be terminated with a two weeks written notice. Tuition for two weeks will be accepted in lieu of notice. All fees are to be paid at the time of notice. In cases of non-payment, legal actions may be taken and the parents will pay all legal fees incurred.
* Two weeks notice will be given if the child is to be terminated from care. Any abuse or violation of the rules/policies of the contract/handbook may be just cause for termination.
* Immediate termination may occur for continued behavioral problems. If immediate termination is given by this daycare for the above or any other reason determined at our discretion, any deposit will be forfeited.

Vacation and Absences:

Daycare may be closed 2-3 weeks for vacation, and up to 3 professional training days per year. Thirty (30) days notification will be given for provider’s scheduled vacation. Notification of at least one week will be given prior to any closed days, with the exception of emergencies or illness. In the event that I will be away for a period of time more than two hours our substitute care-provide is Mr. Maurice Fenner whom is my spouse, Tiffany Jenkins & Patricia Pratt(who’s last day under employment here will be 1/15/16). Patricia will be replaced with another certified & qualified child care assistant. Parents may, on occasion, be asked to provide their own back-up care during provider absences. In those few instances you will be given ample notice and fees will be adjusted appropriately. All of provider’s scheduled vacations are paid vacations with the exception of the 3rd week when taken. Parents who have been with All Day - Daycare for one year or less are responsible for one week of provider’s scheduled vacation and parents with one or more years are responsible for two weeks of provider’s scheduled vacation.

Parent’s Vacation With a minimum of one week notice, we will gladly adjust your fee to one-half tuition for scheduled parent’s vacations or the drop-in rate of $45.00 per day for three days or less of attendance per week.


Daycare will be closed for the following holidays, and the following days with pay unless noted: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and The Day after Christmas. If care is needed on a scheduled holiday the rate will be $45.00 per day.


All attendance/other fees are paid in advance each week at morning drop-off on the first scheduled attendance day for each week. So if your child is scheduled for Mon. thru Fri. attendance then payment is due each Monday morning at drop-off. Check, cash, money order or debit/credit cards are methods of payment which are accepted currently. Individual weekly fees are outlined in your signed application/agreement. A limited number of spaces are available therefore; weekly fees are not based on child's attendance. No refunds are given for late arrivals/early departures, parent’s vacations or illness nor child’s illness. All rates may be reviewed and increased on September 1 of each year. Additional fees may be incurred for formula provided by Provider and Special Diets outside the guideline of USDA.


Full Time: Daycare contracted on a set scheduled time slot for 36-40+ hours per week.

Drop-In: Is $45.00 per day for children not under regular attendance.
Overtime: Overtime is considered any time before and after the agreed upon scheduled times. An extension of time is a courtesy and prior arrangements should be made to avoid overtime fees. Late arrival does not justify late departure.

Transition: Two half days per week, not to exceed three hours per day while parents await a part-time or full time slot to become available.

Other Fees:

Overtime Fee: $5.00 per 5-minute increment past agreed upon time. Fee is due when overtime is incurred.

Additional fees: Will be incurred for any day that exceeds 10 hours at the rate of $10 per hour or any part of said hour.

Late Payment Fee:

A $10.00 payment per day will be incurred when tuition is not received in according with your application. If the fees are not paid on the first day of attendance for that week at drop off or your child’s last scheduled day of prior week, your child will not be received until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Continued late tuition may result in termination of agreement.

Returned Check Fee:

A $ 30.00 fee plus any additional costs incurred for a returned check. If a check is returned for any reason, other than bank-documented error, all future payments will then be required in cash.

Registration Fee:

Part time, full time, before and after school care requires a $125.00 processing fee and one week’s tuition in advance.

Payment schedules of D.S.S. and Planning Council:

Payment or CO-payment in full is due weekly by drop-off on Friday or on the last day of care. Drop-in care payment is due the day of service. Over time is paid in the week incurred.

Department of Social Service (D.S.S): Payment will be accepted through D.S.S. The application must be filled out and returned to D.S.S. within 3 days of your child's enrollment. If care is started in the middle or end of the month, CO-payment is paid at enrollment for that month. One week's tuition will be required at the time of enrollment; this tuition will be for the last week of care. Parent will be responsible for any charges not covered by D.S.S., such as overtime, and late fees. Extra fees are paid the week they are incurred.

Arrival and Departure:

Please send your child clean and dressed for the day; and fed if arriving after 8:30a.m. Please make your goodbye brief (no more than a couple of minutes), the longer you prolong departure the harder it gets. Never leave without telling your child goodbye.
*No one other than the parents or designated person will be allowed to pick up your child without prior arrangement. We must be notified in advance and have a written note with the person's name and relationship to the child. The undesignated person picking up the child must show a valid I.D. prior to entrance into daycare.
*If there is a court order keeping one parent away from the child, I must have a written note from the custodial parent in our file to that effect. Otherwise, I cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.


To provide the best possible care, please feel free to communicate any needs, or concerns regarding your child, i.e. parent conference, phone call, e-mail. Through parent/provider interaction our goal of quality, nurturing care will be achieved.

Scheduled Day:

Depending on the needs of the children, schedules are flexible and may vary.

7:00 – 8:30 Arrival, quiet time and breakfast
8:30 - 9:00 Devotional reading, prayer, exercise
9:00 - 1030 Story, Circle time, Singing, ABC's, Crafts/worksheets
10:30 - 11:15 free play, outside play or walk (weather permitting)
11:15 - 11:30 Clean up, wash hands
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
12:00 - 2:30 Change diapers/potty, wash hands, Nap/rest time - everyone participates
2:00 - 2:30 Wake up
2:30 - 3:00 Change diapers/potty, wash hands
3:00 -3:15 snack
3:15 - 5:00 free play, Educational TV - Departure


Age appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility allowed in responding to the needs of the individual child.

TV Viewing:

Limited TV viewing consisting of channel 15(PBS), and the Disney Channel only. On occasion a child may be allowed to pick a child appropriate video to watch. Children are NEVER required to sit and watch TV, nor is TV offered in place of free play.

Nap/Rest Time:

All children under the age of 5 are REQUIRED by law to have a rest period. No child is forced to sleep; however they must remain quiet. No child is to be dropped off or picked up during this time; it has proven to be very disruptive to the other children. If you have to make an appointment for your child, please make it before 12:00 p.m. or after 2:30 p.m.

Behavior Management & Discipline:

The philosophy of this daycare is to use discipline to teach a child, through love, consistency, and firmness. The children are explained the rules of the daycare frequently so that they know the guidelines. Once a child understands the rules and disobeys them, hurts others or property, the following developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used. These techniques are as follows:
1. Positive Reinforcement: The child will be encouraged when he/she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.
2. Redirection: The child is redirected to another activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.
3. Time out: The child is separated from the group for a child-regulated period of time. This technique is used only when a child is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior or hurting self, others, or equipment. When the child shows that he/she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, they are encouraged to join the rest of the group and try again.
4. Last resort: When a child's behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to others, or myself, a conference will be called with the parents. If the problems can't be resolved, other childcare arrangements will have to be made.
Sometimes, if both parent and provider are both in the same area (ex. drop-off/pick up, parties, etc.) a child may forget the rules, or test the boundaries. Please help show your child that you respect us, the rules of our home, and our property by reminding them that the rules still apply when you are present. We will also remind them of the rules and, correct them if needed.

Child Abuse:

We are required by law to report to the Department of Social Services any suspected physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect.


Morning and afternoon snack will be served. The children are offered the food, not forced to eat. Children who choose not to eat will not be served additional food until the next mealtime. Please do not send food (half-eaten breakfasts, candy or gum with the children.

Special Diets:

If a child has a particular dietary need, substantiated by a medical evaluation, I must be informed and given a doctor's note. Substitute meals or snacks may then be brought from home.

Potty Training:

We are more than happy to assist with potty training provided that it is not done before the child is ready. Parents are asked to initiate the training at home (on vacation or weekend) before starting potty training at daycare. Once training is initiated, parents are to supply 5 ply-training pants with plastic pants or pull-ups. An additional fee ($10.00 per week) will be incurred for assisting with potty training. Our best estimate timeline with a commitment of the parents is two weeks. EAT, DRINK, and SLEEP “IT’S POTTY TIME!”

Diaper Changes:

Diapers are checked and changed every 2 hours or more frequently if required. Exception, each child will be diapered after waking up from their nap. Hand washing of child and myself is performed after each change.

Supplies Needed:

Parents are responsible for supplying diapers & wipes, weather appropriate change of clothes (two changes of clothes for children who are being toilet trained). *Blanket for rest time *Fever and cold medication *Any other necessary items (powder, ointment)
last one week. We will notify you when your child’s supply needs to be replenished.

Health Matters

Please do not bring your child if he/she is sick; we can only care for children with mild cold like symptoms (clear runny nose, slight cough, and no fever). Per Health Department regulations children will not be allowed to attend the daycare if they exhibit symptoms such as:
*Rash *Fever (100 F. higher) *Excessive cold and/or cough *Vomiting *Diarrhea *Lice or nits *Discharge from eyes or ears *Unusual drowsiness *Persistent or excessive crying *Communicable diseases (chicken pox, roseola, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles, influenza)
If they become ill during daycare hours - parents will be contacted immediately to remove their child within 1 hour of being notified. If parents are not available, the emergency contact person will then be notified. Once the child is removed from daycare due to illness, they may not return for a full 24-hour period, or be accompanied by a doctor's note. Note: This sickness policy applies to our family or myself as well. If I am unavailable due to illness, you will be notified by 6:00 am. Payment for the days that I am not available is not required.


Will administer over the counter medications.

Medical Emergencies:

In case of a serious accident or sudden illness requiring medical attention, the following procedures are followed:
1) A phone call is made to 911.
2) Child's parents or emergency contacts are called.
3) Child and health records are taken to emergency service.
4) In all cases, an emergency report is completed and a copy given to parents as well as the Department of Public Welfare.
* It is extremely important, especially in instances of illness or emergency that the emergency contact information is up to date and all information is correct. Please report any changes immediately to keep your emergency contact information current.

* For minor injuries like bumps and bruises, I will provide home first aid. If the injury is more serious, (i.e. needs stitches, broken arm, or dislocation, etc.) the parent will be notified immediately. Parents will be responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation if required.

A Final Note:

I am always open to suggestions and feel communication is a very important part of this business. If there are any problems or concerns, we encourage you to speak openly about them. If a lengthy conference is needed, a time that is convenient to both of us will be scheduled, as the other children still need our attention during business hours. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your child, and we look forward to the future.

All day daycare
Kathleen Fenner